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Remuneration and welfare
Salary level

The wages of the general operators of the company are carried out by the individual piece system, with an average wage of 4800 yuan, which is not closed to the top (in addition, the night shift subsidy, the full duty award and the work age award are carried out by the company system).

Labor relations and social security

1、Once recruited by the company, the new employees can purchase five insurance policies, including pension, medical care, unemployment, family planning and work-related injuries.
2、Once the new employees are officially hired, they can purchase the provident fund.

Accommodation treatment

1、Free working meals (breakfast, middle and late meals) are provided, and rest days are also provided free.
2、Free accommodation (including single bed, free WiFi, air conditioning, water heater, independent toilet), dormitory distribution: general staff 4 dormitory, management staff 2.

Other treatment

1、Provide birthday vouchers and birthday parties for each month's birthday.
2、Festivals such as Dragon Boat Festival and Mid Autumn Festival provide a certain amount of holiday fee.
3、The year-end award is issued at the end of the year.
4、The company organizes monthly entertainment activities (egg, table tennis, basketball, badminton competition, etc.).
5、Commending and organizing travel for excellent employees every year.

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