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       Our long-term commitment to technological innovation and product development, independently developed SMD-JL series laser packaging quartz crystal resonator, with complete independent intellectual property rights. Widely used in notebook computers, tablet computers, Netcom equipment, Bluetooth, smart home, smart wearable, imaging systems and other fields.
Code Foot Position Size Frequency Range Photo Regulation Book
LO 4Pad 1.6×1.2×0.35mm 24.0MHz~54.0MHz
LN 4Pad 2.0×1.6×0.5mm 16.0MHz~54.0MHz
LM 4Pad 2.5×2.0×0.55mm 12.0MHz~54.0MHz
LF 4Pad 3.2×2.5×0.6mm 8.0MHz~54.0MHz
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