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The environment and cycle laboratory for quartz crystal components was built. The laboratory can carry out performance test, mechanical test, environmental test and reliability test of crystal components.

Test project Experimental range Device name Equipment photo
High temperature test, low temperature test 1、Temperature range: -60℃~150℃
2、Temperature fluctuation:±0.5℃
3、Temperature uniformity:±2℃
4、Rise and fall temperature rate:0.7~1℃/min
High and low temperature test box
Alternating / constant humid heat test 1、Temperature range:-70℃~+150℃
2、Humidity range:25~98%RH
3、Temperature fluctuation:≤1℃
4、Temperature deviation:±2.0℃
5、Humidity deviation:±3.0%RH(>75%RH),±5.0%RH(≤75%RH)
6、Heating rate:-70℃-+150℃
7、Cooling rate:+20℃--70℃
High and low temperature alternating heat and heat test box
High temperature and low pressure test 1、Temperature range:-40℃~100℃
2、Barometric range:101~60kPa
High temperature and low pressure test box
Salt spray test 1、Temperature range of saturated air:≤80℃
2、Test room temperature range:≤60℃
3、Continuous spray and intermittent spray can be adjusted arbitrarily.
Salt spray corrosion test box
High and low temperature impact test 1、Impact range: -55℃~150℃
2、Temperature fluctuation:≤±0.5℃
3、Temperature deviation:≤±2℃
High and low temperature impact test box
Drop test Drop height : 0~1500mm Drop test machine
Vibration test 1、Rated sinusoidal thrust:1960N
2、Rated acceleration:980m/s
3、Rated speed:200cm/s
4、Rated frequency range:5~4500Hz
5、Rated displacement:25mm
6、Rated load:70kg
Electric vibrator
Collision (impact) test 1、Maximum load:100Kg
2、Maximum drop height:60mm
3、Platform size:500*700mm
4、Collision pulse repetition frequency:10~80 time/minute
5、Lateral acceleration of mesa Center<30%
6、Mesa acceleration inhomogeneity<20%
Impact impact test rig
Dry heat 1、Temperature range:50℃~300℃
2、Constant temperature fluctuation:±1℃
3、Temperature resolution:0.1℃
4、Rated power:970W
Electrothermal constant temperature dryness box
Temperature characteristic test 1、Range of temperature change:-55℃~+125℃
2、The temperature rise rate and the test temperature interval can be set arbitrarily.
3、Test parameters same as 250B。
Crystal temperature characteristic tester
Resistance to welding heat and weldability test Temperature range:≤400℃、Continuous tunable Lead-free tin furnace
Fine leakage 1、Minimum leak detection rate:<5×10-12P·m3/s
2、Measuring range:5×10-12~1Pa·m3/s
3、Maximum leakage pressure:1000Pa
Helium mass spectrometer leak detector
Elicited end strength and size check Tension range:5N、10N、20N Vernier caliper and weight
RoHS Testing 1、Six valent chromium and its compounds
2、Cadmium and its compounds
3、Lead and its compounds
4、Mercury and its compounds
Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
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